Why hire an estate sale company?

To organize the transition of a major life change. We bring organization and experience to help our clients.

How does your estate sale work?

We walkthrough and evaluate items, location and time frame.

What is your estate sale Service Fee?

Our usually fee is 35% percent of total sales unless it's a larger collection of item that needs special attention. 

How is the estate sale Process?

We capture pictures and video for advertisement, sort, price then the sale happens at the location on the weekend. 

What to expect after the estate sale?

We settle the account and mail  your check 65% percent of total sales, Takes one to three business days with invoice and statement of the sales. Left over can be donated for tax deductions and pickup removal be handle upon agreement.

What if I'm still living in the estate house?

We prefer our client not be present during the sale and that guaranties the success of the sale.